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Virginia Child Care Licensing

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With enactment of the new federal law, the Child Care and Development Block Grant Reauthorization Act (PL113-186), that promotes the health & safety of children in child care, it is time for Virginia to review the state's child care policies and close the gaps between the new federal law and VA policy.


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In Virginia, child care providers are required to have a background check based on a name search. Many other states use a fingerprint check, which is more effective. The Virginia State Legislature passed legislation last spring to create a task to recommend ways to implement a fingerprint check system in Virginia.


Virginia Child Care

Mapping Project

Child Care Aware of Virginia has mapped child care centers, family child care homes (registered and licensed), religious license-exempt centers, Head Start programs and Early Head Start programs and overlayed the maps with

  • child poverty data  (the % of children in poverty by census tract) or
  • children with working parents (the % of children in households with all parents working by census tract)

to better identify where under-resourced areas in the state are located and to be strategic in strengthening the quality of child care.


 Virginia Shared Services Network for ECE

The Virginia Shared Services Network is a project of Child Care Aware of Virginia. The concept is to give child care programs access to discounts on commonly purchased goods and services to help the ECE community operate in a cost effective and efficient manner. The Virginia Shared Services Network also offers access to program resources so that every program doesn't have to recreate the wheel. Child care providers can save time and money! If you are a child care provider, join today!


Virginia Child Care
Education & Action Center
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Background Checks
Virginia Child Care
Parent Action Network

Child Care Aware of Virginia is forming a Parent Action Network to promote quality child care in every community!


Child Care Aware of Virginia's on-line Education & Action Center has all the materials and tools you need to promote quality child care policies.

Learn more about Child Care Aware of Virginia's 4th Annual Child Care & Early Childhood Education Business Summit held in Richmond on November 15, 2019.

Child Care Aware of Virginia is open and working during COVID-19 to support individuals and families who are working or who want to return to work and the child care providers who serve them. Read more.

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